Sep 15 2012

Capturing A Bullet In Flight at 10,000 FPS

I recently came across this really cool experiment to try and capture a bullet in flight on video, which was successfully done (at 480p).  It’s a great display of high speed videography as well as the mechanics of a pistol!

Originally discovered HERE

Sep 11 2012

Internet Of Things Explained

Just came across this video explaining the “Internet Of Things” that is really interesting… I love this stuff!

Jan 30 2012

Flex User Group 2012 Tour

The Official Flex Team Blog

In an effort to ease the minds of members in the Flash/Flex community, Adobe promised a user group tour at the end of last year.  The tour dates have been published, and are now available on Adobe’s Official Flex Team Blog.

This tour will primarily involve visits to various Flex user groups across the globe where representatives from Adobe and members of the user groups can discuss the evolving status of Flex and Flash.  Additionally, members will be educated on the process of the Apache Software Foundation’s involvement with the Flex SDK.

Even though it isn’t clear who will be representing Adobe at these events, I am excited to see how these meetings turn out for everyone  involved.  I remain confident that the outcome of this tour will be positive for not only the users, but for Adobe and the framework as a whole.  Hopefully I will be able to make my local meeting here in LA, but if not, I am counting on someone posting videos of the sessions after they occur.

Check here to see when the tour will be coming to a user group near you!

Nov 15 2011

More from Adobe…

As if the news from earlier last week wasn’t enough of a blow to the Flash community (referring to Flash no longer being developed for mobile browsers), the hits seem to just keep coming.  On Friday Adobe announced they will be “donating” Flex to an open source initiative called Spoon, and they will no longer be managing the framework.

To me, this was a hard thing to take at first, especially in the wake of the week’s earlier announcement.  The decision, though, does make sense in the long run for Adobe…  After all, it is company looking to make a profit just like any other, and, from what I gather, the Flash drama with iOS was proving to be more of a hassle than a revenue maker.  Regardless, it seemed too soon to make such big movements from a PR standpoint.  With these changes and recent layoffs, I can’t imagine those heavily invested in the company feel very stable at the moment.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time researching and reflecting on the reaction of those who have significant influence in the community.  I found a variety of responses (freak outs, whining, Flash/Flex/Adobe bashing, nostalgia, rejection, ignorance, etc.), but the ones that made most sense to me logically involved some level of optimism.  It seems that the more level headed people who have been affected by this change have embraced it as a part of the industry, and are moving on.  This is what I intend on doing as well.

I have always been an advocate of learning new technologies as often as possible.  If you don’t keep your skills sharp and current, you’ll be left behind.  Unfortunately, in this instance, my motivation is more forced than proactive.  In any case, learning more technology is good, and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that are coming over the horizon.

I haven’t given up on Flash completely as of yet… Flash still lives on the desktop and on mobile devices via Air, there are some top notch players in the biz who will be working on the Spoon initiative, and my current full-time job is developing a Flash application utilizing Air primarily for mobile devices.  Hopefully, though, more opportunities will present themselves for me to dig through something new, and I, like many others, will make the transition just fine.  I think the movement away from Flash will be slow, and I believe that it has another year or so before the demand is significantly affected…  Nonetheless, the time is the present to learn, and I will be posting some of those learnings here as I go.

Nov 10 2011

Adobe Abandons Flash on Mobile Browsers

I can’t say I’m “surprised” about this announcement from Adobe.  Flash has been unavailable and/or difficult to use in the mobile browser ever since mobile platforms had browsers.  With Apple not supporting plug-ins from the beginning, and Microsoft following their lead, it would make sense for Adobe to pull Flash support for the mobile browser… even though I agree with this Sitepoint article when it says “Ironically, the latest modern smartphones and tablets should be powerful enough to run Flash.”

I am definitely disappointed, though, being a Flash/Flex developer myself.  Not because it is “the end”, because it certainly isn’t.  I am disappointed because of the repercussions this has for Flash’s reputation.  I keep seeing people writing things like “Flash is dead” and “Adobe pulls Flash on mobile” but both are misconceptions.  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Flash itself is not dead.  As a matter of fact, not much has changed for the Flash platform.  The Flash player is still around and will continue to be developed for the desktop browser.
  2. Adobe is continuing development for Adobe Air, which allows Flash applications to be published on mobile devices.  The only difference is that the player will no longer be developed for the mobile browser in the future.  This is a good call in my opinion because Flash was never really meant to be used this way in the first place.
  3. Mobile browsers for iOS and Windows Mobile do not support ANY plugins at all.  This not only includes Flash, but Java, Silverlight and Quicktime as well.  Flash has just been the most public because of the controversy that has sprung up as a result… and who doesn’t love a good controversy?

Although this may be a rocky point in the history of Flash, it could mean a new beginning for the platform.  It seems as if Adobe is (and has been) refocusing their vision for Flash as being less of a plugin for browsers and more of an enterprise application solution by utilizing Adobe Air.  I am optimistic about the future, but I would be lying if I said this hasn’t shaken my faith in Adobe a little bit.

Nov 10 2011

A New Approach

Looking back at my participation on my own website over the past few years, I can’t help but notice the lack of activity on my part.  This isn’t because I haven’t been busy because I certainly have been at my fulltime job at Technicolor, Inc. developing something pretty amazing.  Unfortunately it is wrapped up pretty tight, and I can’t talk much about it publicly.

I have decided, however, to refocus the efforts of my website as more of a sounding board for ideas, experiments and reflections.  I am looking forward to posting things I am working on in a more general sense in the future, and I hope this is something that people will benefit from in the development/design communities I am active in.

Jan 13 2010




A banner built for the re-branding of Redwire, an established leader in the electronic surveillance market (  In partnership with Onyx Group in Tallahassee, FL. Built in AS3 with dynamically loaded images.  Launched in January 2010.

Dec 28 2009

The Onyx Group

The Onyx Group

The Onyx Group

A banner built for The Onyx Group website to showcase projects the firm has developed for past clients.  Built in AS3 with interactive thumnails and dynamically loaded images & textfields.

Jul 16 2009




A banner built for the Bevshots website (, a website dedicated to marketing and selling photographs of beers, wine and cocktails through a microscope. In partnership with Onyx Group in Tallahassee, FL. Built in AS3 with dynamically loaded images.  Launched in July 2009.

May 5 2009

Previous Project Links

Now that my site prior to this one is “inactive”, I still need a place to show off some of the work I’ve done in the past.  Here are a few links of interactive material to get me started:

Braces Color Chooser – A tool built for orthodontist/dentist websites to aid users who are getting braces to choose colors for their bands.  Built in AS3 using OOP and XML.

P3 Public Relations – A banner built for the P3 Public Relations website (, a website promoting a public relations firm in Tallahassee, FL.  In partnership with Onyx Group in Tallahassee, FL.  Built in AS3 with dynamically loaded image powered by a backend CMS.

WCLG Banner – A banner built for the promotion of a book written to aid people in living their lives “green”.  Built in AS3.

Dentistry For Children – A banner built for the Kitsap Dentistry For Children website (, a dentist’s website specializing in children in partnership with Woodburn Designs in Silverdale, WA.  Built in AS3.

Hicks Total Performance – A banner built for the Hicks Total Performance website (, a “One Stop Performance Shop” offering everything to custom fabrication, custom chassis’s, partial or complete restorations.  Built in partnership with Woodburn Designs in Silverdale, WA.  Built in AS3 using AfterEffects for some animation.

FLV Player – A version of a previously created Flash based video player built to show off various projects I created while working for Countrywide Home Loans.  Built in AS2 using XML.